Corporate and Education Services

Corporate and Education Services

An increasing number of Philippine companies are developing comprehensive alcohol and drug policies. This trend is driven by consideration for the safety of employees and the public, as well as legal liabilities and responsibilities.

Safety Sensitive Assessments

Family Wellness Center contracts with companies to assess whether their employees have an alcohol/drug problem, whether they have attempted to deal with the problem, and whether they require treatment is conducted to determine an employee’s compliance with the agreed upon recovery program, as well as the client’s ability to function in safety sensitive situations.
Cooperation between unions, workplace supervisors, EAP representatives, employees and their treatment providers plays an important role in successful recovery. Family Wellness Center offers an Employee Assistance/Workplace Seminars to bring these people together. The seminar deals with problem employee issues, treatment, the recovery process, and the employer’s role in facilitating the employee’s return to work. The seminar includes a back-to-work planning session between the employer, the employee and the recovery counselor. This is an opportunity to review job performance, outline new expectations, and establish guidelines for reporting to the employer.

Employee Assistance/ Workplace Seminars


Family Wellness Center provides basic and advanced educational services regarding the management of substance abuse problems in the workplace. These services are tailored to the industry and corporate culture of each organization. The topics typically include:
  • The workplace problems associated with substance abuse
  • Managing the addicted employee
  • Indicators of addiction
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Constructive intervention strategies
  • Workplace re-integration
  • How to develop workplace policies and guidelines for substance abuse
Family Wellness Center coordinates workplace interventions for companies experiencing difficulty with an employee with an addiction. The goal of the intervention is to assist the employee to seek help. It raises the employee’s awareness by pointing out in factual manner the harmful consequences of his or her abuse and the impact on others. Those participating the intervention learn more about documentation, preparation, confrontation and legal implications.




Family Wellness provides training services to front line health care workers, counselors and employee assistance providers. Topics include:
  • Nature and extent of substance abuse
  • Screening techniques
  • Clinical assessments
  • Referral, detox, and treatment options
  • Elements of the treatment process
  • How to conduct a safety sensitive assessment
Family Wellness’ management, clinical and medical team does also lectures and presentations to Human Resource Departments of various companies around the country. The topics of these presentations are diverse, including:
  • Identifying addiction
  • Alcohol in the family
  • Treatment models of chemical dependency
  • Recognizing addictive and dependent behaviors
  • Community approaches to substance abuse treatment
  • Addiction and recovery for the methamphetamine client
  • Withdrawal expectations of the recovering client
  • Safety sensitive assessments
  • The Family Wellness Center treatment model
  • The importance of Intensive Treatment and Aftercare Treatment Programs
  • Workplace health and wellness.