Gambling Treatment Services

Gambling Treatment Services

Studies show that about one-third of people with chemical dependencies are cross-addicted to gambling. Since issues related to the treatment of a gambling problem parallel those of a chemical dependency the recovery strategies are similar - helping clients identify the ways they gamble, why they gamble, their gambling triggers, and the consequences of their gambling.


All incoming clients are assessed for the presence of gambling problems. Those identified with a problem participate in the Gambling Treatment Services.

Family Wellness Center Foundation, Inc. offers a specialized gambling program for those with a gambling problem. Support is available for family members and friends through family assessment, couple counseling, and family aftercare. The program focuses on the continuum of problem gambling. The program utilizes all core treatment components of the Substance Abuse Recovery Program. 

In addition, specialized treatment components include:

  • On-site and off-site Gamblers Anonymous meeting
  • Problem gambling videos
  • Structured exercises
  • Problem gambling group
  • Relapse prevention component to address specific triggers, thought, high-risk situations and to develop coping skills