Substance Abuse Recovery

Substance Abuse Recovery

The Family Wellness Center Programs are structured programs for Dependents and Codependent families. The Programs are characterized as holistic and stresses the importance of each family member's role in creating functional families.

Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a primary treatment for substance abuse and other behavioral addictions (i.e. sex, gambling and relationships) providing clients with education and information about alcohol and drugs, the compulsion, group / peer therapy and support and introduction to the Twelve Steps and fellowship of recovery support groups. Family recovery is also a strong component of substance abuse treatment with family members being involved once a week every Wednesday.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is appropriate for males and females ages 16 and above whose disease has not progressed to the extent that residential care is extremely required. It is also appropriate for clients who have experienced treatment but who have relapsed and need extra support and structure to reconnect with recovery and for clients being “stepped down” from a residential program to complete their treatment in an outpatient setting.

We have three kinds of Outpatient Program

  • Daily – 5 times per week
  • 3x – 3 times per week

 Each session is for 2 hours each.

Special Assessments (psychological – physical condition, living situation) and strict monitoring are made for individuals who are planning to take this program.